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Dental emergencies can come without knocking. One cannot control when a trauma might occur. You can end up with a broken or chipped tooth due to various reasons. We understand that this can be excruciatingly painful. This is why we offer emergency dental services at MS Galiza Dental Clinic. Our staff is skilled and equipped to handle all types of dental emergencies. If you’ve chipped or broken a tooth – or suffered some other mouth injury – we will make every effort to make you feel comfortable. We can accommodate any dental emergency during opening hours. We would appreciate a call from you before you visit our clinic.

Did your filling fall off due to wear and tear? In order to prevent infections, visit an emergency dentist in Calgary right away! Damaged braces can often be dangerous as they may cut your mouth or get stuck in your throat. It is crucial to consult emergency dentists to prevent any injuries. MS Galiza Dental Clinic provides emergency dental services to Calgary residents. We aim to effectively treat any dental emergency in Calgary you may have in order to help you feel better.

We advise all our patients to never ignore a dental emergency. Our Calgary clinic provides a range of orthodontic, cosmetic as well as restorative dentistry services. Your child will be safe in our professional care.

If you’re looking for an emergency dental clinic in Calgary to relieve your pain, contact us.

Why Choose Us in Emergencies?

When an emergency arises, you need nothing but the best care possible. Without immediate attention, you can risk causing permanent damage to your teeth and gums. At MS Galiza Dental Clinic, we are always prepared to deal with dental emergencies in Calgary. We have the right tools to tackle any kind of trauma. Our professional staff will make sure that you get the best treatment for your condition. You don’t need to book an appointment with us for emergencies. Just give us a call on your way to our clinic, and we will prepare for your arrival and even provide guidance as may be required in your case.

It’s important for you to floss regularly and brush your teeth twice a day to maintain a healthy smile.

By correcting crooked teeth and hiding stains and imperfections, porcelain veneers can be an appealing alternative to traditional crowns.

Sometimes dental issues cause functional limitations or impact the health of the teeth and gums.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that uses various appliances to deal with misaligned teeth, jaws or bite patterns.

Any surgical procedure that is performed in or around your mouth and jaw by a dental specialist is known as oral surgery.

At MS Galiza Dental Clinic, we believe you deserve to know as much about the health of your teeth as possible.

Looking for Emergency Dental Services? We will fix your broken or chipped tooth right.

Our mission is to bring you dental services that ensure your teeth remain healthy and beautiful. We believe that good dental care reflects on how you feel when you smile and chew your food.

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