Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Calgary

Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth from extraction. The therapy involves cleaning and shaping each canal, and then filling them with a special inert material. The canals are then sealed to prevent any subsequent infection. Once root canal therapy is complete, the tooth should be fully restored as recommended. 

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When Is the Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Root canal therapy is your go-to solution when the nerve supply to a tooth has been irreversibly affected by damage or decay. A root canal can only be performed when enough sound root and crown structure remains that can be used to restore the form and function of the damaged tooth. Every tooth contains a canal which consists of connective tissue, a nerve supply, and blood vessels. The core tissues also known as the dental pulp help your tooth to grow and mature before it emerges into the mouth. Sometimes this dental pulp is irreversibly damaged or dead, and only a root canal procedure can help you then.

Saving the natural tooth with root canal treatment has many advantages:

It’s important for you to floss regularly and brush your teeth twice a day to maintain a healthy smile.

By correcting crooked teeth and hiding stains and imperfections, porcelain veneers can be an appealing alternative to traditional crowns.

Sometimes dental issues cause functional limitations or impact the health of the teeth and gums.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that uses various appliances to deal with misaligned teeth, jaws or bite patterns.

Any surgical procedure that is performed in or around your mouth and jaw by a dental specialist is known as oral surgery.

At MS Galiza Dental Clinic, we believe you deserve to know as much about the health of your teeth as possible.

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