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It’s important for you to floss regularly and brush your teeth twice a day to maintain a healthy smile, but in order to keep that beautiful smile, you must keep your regular cleaning appointments with MS Galiza Dental Clinic in Calgary, AB. Our office’s general care includes regular oral exams and thorough cleanings. On top of that, we offer hygienic services like professional breath control, fluoride applications and periodontal care to keep your mouth disease-free. Wonder how you and your family can benefit from our comprehensive hygiene services? Do you feel that your child’s oral hygiene isn’t up to the mark? Our hygienists can answer all your questions and offer services and guidance toward achieving optimal oral health. Book a consultation today to learn how our hygiene services can cater to your many health concerns.

Teeth Cleaning

Even with proper oral hygiene practices, you may require teeth cleaning. Our teeth can get stained due to various reasons, including ageing, excess consumption of coffee, bad eating habits and more. If your teeth are misaligned, your mouth could be prone to tartar buildup that can make your teeth weak. Even if you floss your teeth religiously, you will require expert help. With the help of routine cleaning, you can expect clean and healthy teeth. This practice can save you from spending a lot of money and sitting in a dentist’s chair later in life. At MS Galiza Dental Clinic in Calgary, we offer comprehensive teeth cleaning services for people of all ages. We also offer tartar removal and teeth polishing services to meet your specific oral health needs and aesthetic goals.

It’s important for you to floss regularly and brush your teeth twice a day to maintain a healthy smile.

By correcting crooked teeth and hiding stains and imperfections, porcelain veneers can be an appealing alternative to traditional crowns.

Sometimes dental issues cause functional limitations or impact the health of the teeth and gums.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that uses various appliances to deal with misaligned teeth, jaws or bite patterns.

Any surgical procedure that is performed in or around your mouth and jaw by a dental specialist is known as oral surgery.

At MS Galiza Dental Clinic, we believe you deserve to know as much about the health of your teeth as possible.

Smile brighter and wider with the help of our dentist in Northeast Calgary. Schedule an appointment today!

Our mission is to bring you dental services that ensure your teeth remain healthy and beautiful. We believe that good dental care reflects on how you feel when you smile and chew your food.

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